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24 May
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Well, I've never been sure as to what should go here. So I'll do a bit of rambling. I'm a sixteen year old mutt ( dominican, african-american, italian, french, native american ), living in the best city on earth, New York City. I'm roughly 5'10'', a little more, about 155 pounds. Light brown eyes and such. Anyhow, I attend one of the worst schools in the Bronx: Harry S Truman High School. Oh Sweet Orgasmic Joy. <3 I'm single but my heart is still with someone, even though I dunno if we'll ever be together again. My interests? All of the major sports except for Hockey. Musically, I'll listen to just about anything that catches my ear. Except for Country. I'm a quiet, laid back person. Easy to get a long with. I'm usually the one in the back of the class making everyone laugh for the stupidest reason. What else.. I'm a New York Yankee fan and that's about it. Ask me for anything else.